Artist Kazka: poster of concerts 2022

Билеты KAZKA. Благодійний Концерт-Аукціон
07 july 19:00 thursday
KAZKA. Благодійний Концерт-Аукціон
Билеты Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
22 march 19:00 friday
Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
Event ended
Билеты KAZKA
04 march 19:00 wednesday
Event ended
Билеты KAZKA
23 august 22:00 sunday
Event ended
Билеты Atlas Weekend Friends Edition
05 july 14:00 monday
Atlas Weekend Friends Edition
Event ended
Билеты Atlas Weekend Bukovel
31 july 16:00 saturday
Atlas Weekend Bukovel
Event ended
12 november 20:00 friday
Event ended


Britpop, Pop

KAZKA group who you ask, and we will answer that this is a musical group from Kiev, which demonstrates its compositions in such a genre as experimental pop. Also fans of the KAZKA group can hear the elements of electro-folk.
The project has been awarded several awards, the main ones being the YUNA Music Award and "Debut of the Year 2017" according to one of the leading music publications. Each of the group's compositions is Ukrainian-language.
The official creation of the team took place in 2017. The frontmen of the group are Nikita Budash and Alexandra Zaritskaya of the KAZKA singer.
Nikitin Yuri is considered the manager and producer of the group, and the mamamusic organization is also responsible for all such questions.
Historical features of the project
The first time listeners had the opportunity to hear about this group was in 2017 on March 1st. That was the day they made their debut. The guys presented a track called "Holidays". It instantly began to be perceived by society as an unprecedented hit. Ukrainian radio stations were simply subdued by him.
Initially, the band members were Alexandra Zaritskaya, who was on vocals, and Nikita Budash, who was in charge of playing the guitar and keys. He also worked in parallel with sound engineering and arrangement of musical compositions.
After some time, the musicians began, giving live concerts and recording tracks, to involve session performers in joint cooperation.
Thus, in 2018 Mazuryak Dmitry was added to the team, playing wind instruments, including the ocarina, flute, cymbals and even trembita.
This debut composition of the group is the edge of winter cold and inspiration of spring. It also features sublime folk motifs and the melody of indie pop.
The storyline is similar to that of a short film.
It was on this musical composition that the guys decided to shoot a professional first video. Tkachenko Sergey acted in this case as a director. The Holidays video is essentially a minimalist work in reddish hues, the storyline is completely absent, as is the scenery. Only the performers remained by themselves.
The mystical picture is only complemented by ancient Slavic symbolism.
Participation in the X factor
The musicians were participants in the competitive selection for the X-factor-8 TV show. They were "trained" by Andrey Danilko. According to the results of the audience voting, the team stopped participating in the show after the 5th broadcast.
Literally immediately after the project left the X-factor, the guys recorded the second song, which on the day the premiere took place, immediately took 1st position in the top iTunes charts.
This track is full of lyrics. It is about a girl who loves passionately and strongly. So much so that even the snow begins to melt around. And her love is a miracle that envelops with warmth and helps to forget about disappointments in the past.
So you just have to hum a simple tune with happiness, with your eyes closed, "Na-na, na-na, na-na-na"